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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Thoughts 25 April 2011 (So Sorry)

First of all, I am really sorry because I failed to keep my promise of posting at least twice a day.

Secondly, I am so sorry for not being able to post for several days already because I was not able to have time because I was so busy last Holy Week. Something really bad happened to me which kept me away from the PC for 2 days.

Also, since Saturday my gums are swollen which resulted to my cheek swelling as well. This started last Thursday from a cockroach bite on my cheek. When I woke up that day, my cheek was swelling already but it's not that big. By Saturday, I had "Singaw" exactly under the cheek that was bitten. So they joined forces (Hahaha) and now I looked like I have "Beke". =)

I am really sorry if I was not able to continue My Seminary Series.

@Frenzipe: Thank you for encouraging me (at pangongonsensiya) for me to write ASAP.

And to those 3 other readers who texted me but did not give out their names and encouraged me as well. More like forced. =) Thank you.

I promise that I will continue My Seminary Series as soon as possible.

Love lots.


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