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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Changes on this Blog

Hi to all.

Thanks for following and to my 2 new followers, welcome and thank you.

I just would like to write a quick post regarding the changes that I would like to make on my blog. Actually, this is all because of those people who actually took the time to message me on my cellphone number 09213450145 and 09266862505. They took the liberty of giving me a couple of friendly advices.

First, I will not only be concentrating on Series about my life, I will be adding some fictions and stories that were from those people I know, that means some shared stories. Of course I will hide their identity for privacy but at least to let people know their stories as well.

Secondly, I promise to post at least 2 posts per day, depending on my mood, health condition, work schedule and of course mental presence. =)

You know my number, please take time to message me if you want. Thank you.

P.S. No sex offers please. Friendship is okay.

Love you all.


  1. i really like the way you write all those stories and it makes my day complete when i read it... still waiting for more... good luck and best regards

  2. personally, i don't think kelangan mo nang mag-sulat ng fiction... YET. first because these story of yours are entertaining enough. second is that baka maging confusing ang stories mo kung bigla kang sisingit ng fiction sa mga series mo. as you've mentioned earlier, marami ka pang isusulat na series. so i think it would be best to stick to those series muna..:)

  3. @ frenzipe... thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it. I do understand your point actually. So I will just differ the posting date. I will only post the other series during weekends in that way it will not confuse the series much. Would that be okay?

  4. i think so.. it was just my personal opinion anyway. hehe. better ask your other followers' comment:)

  5. kuya gelo :D mas gusto ko po ung kwento ng buhay niyo . wag niyo na pong baguhin . salamat po . at magtetext po ako sa inyo either globe or smart . pag may nagtext sayo na 09058387176 ako un :D thanks and goodluck .