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Monday, April 11, 2011

Thoughts 11 April 2011

Hi all. Thanks for always reading and following my posts. I really do appreciate it. I now have 14 followers and I am so proud of it. Please do help me get more followers and readers by posting my blog on your blog lists.

I'm really sorry if sometimes I don't post for more than a day already because of course, unlike other blogs, this is a one-man show. Hahaha. I mean I am the only one checking and posting here.

Anyway, I also wish that you would participate on my survey:

This is a survey of who among my friends is the most handsome. This is just for fun but I would appreciate if you would participate. It will only take a single click.

I am also thankful for those who have given me inspirational messages when I had problem. those who posted their comments, thank you so much especially the Ilonggos who messaged me. At least after the storm, there's always a rainbow. And that rainbow is when I received a new cellphone. Hahaha. Gone were the days when I have to limit my texts because my cellphone slows down when the message becomes longer. At least now, I have a touch-screen phone with QWERTY which I like the best. Especially the part that it has a USB connector so its easy for me to take pictures of anything. For example, picture of our (my boyfriend and I) breakfast.

HAhaha... Yes, my boyfriend and I still drink milk for breakfast. A choice of skinless longganisa and cheesdog. Hahaha...

I was late for work because my boyfriend and I spent 6PM to 2AM last night singing almost all the songs we know.

Our personal favorites: (in order of interest)
Barbie - Two Voices, One Song
Barbie - Believe
Glee - Take me or Leave me
Glee - River Deep Mountain High
Beyonce - Ave Maria
Beyonce - Halo
Glee - Get it Right
Glee - Firework
Barbie - A Girl Like You
Barbie - Connected
Glee - Loser Like Me
Glee - Hell to the No
Colbie - I do
Colbie - Begin Again
Barbie - We're Gonna Find It
Natasha Beddingfield - Unwritten

Anyway, I really have to go home now because I have somewhere else I need to go now. Anyway, Ryan... THanks for reading and leaving your comments.

To all, please fon't forget to comment on anything. Just be honest and I will accept it. Ilove you all.

Thank you.


  1. Yup. Thanks for following. Anyway, I have just been relieved from my fever. And now I am back to blogging again. For Facebook, I guess not now, it's just that some of the characters in my stories are also my friends in Facebook so you would probably know their identities and that would be quite private. I guess I will just create my Facebook for this blog. Hope you'll understand.

  2. Ngek... wala po ah. Paano mo po nasabi?

  3. mego nami man siguro kung magsulat ka man sang ilongo version, kanami basahon sang mga estorya mo.... halong ka permi abyan,,,