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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Thoughts June 6, 2012 (Trip to Anawangin Zambales)

Hi Guys... Sorry about the late update...

I returned from our Company Outing in Anawangin Cove, Zambales.

From SM North EDSA, we took a van to Pundaquit, Zambales.  It was actually a 3 hour trip.  The weather was not that good, a little rain.  But when we arrived at Pundaquit, the storm started.  We stayed at a nearby resort until the rain dies down.  This is when I met this guy Lonnie.

He was standing in front of a Sari-Sari Store.  I approached the owner of the store and asked where is the nearest restroom where I can change my clothes.  Lonnie was the one who answered instead of the store owner.  He pointed to me the direction and I went there to change.  I returned to him and thank him.

After several hours, the rain hasn't died down yet so I stayed with him in front of the store.  We became friends and we exchanged numbers.  After I got his number, my officemates called me so I left Lonnie there.  Even if we were already far from each other, we exchanged texts.  I found out that he is 15 years old and is home schooled.  He also said that he is staying with his brother-in-law who owns the resort where I changed my clothes.  Also, he told me that he really thinks of me as a friend already.

After that our tourguide told us that we will leave now for Anawangin Cove.  I said my goodbye to Lonnie because I know that I won't be able to text him when we arrive to Anawangin Cove because there is no cellphone signal there. He texted me that if their boat will be available, he might go to Anawangin as well.

Then, we wrapped our bags in plastic bags because they told us it might get wet.  We strolled along the steep shores of Pundaquit to our boat.  We, 15 people from our office, along with 6 other people, 2 straight couples and 1 gay couple, rode the boat to Anawangin.

After 30 minutes cutting through the storm, we arrived at Anawangin Cove.  The place was not really special but we were excited nonetheless.

We unpacked our bags and proceeded to the nearby cottage reserved for us.  This is when the rain started to pour harder.  It was not really pleasant because most of the time we are wet.  Also, we will be staying in tents so it was really disastrous for some of us whose tents that were setup were not in perfect condition.  Some of the tents are uprooted, some are not sealed so water really comes in even if they put another layer of plastic on top of the tents.

The tents can hold 3 people so I stayed with my two officemates who were lovers.  Technically I was the 3rd wheel, so I warned them to not do what they want to do if I am not asleep. Hahaha.

Lunch was served lavishly.  I guess the tourguide company poured their compliments on the food because of the storm.  We ate and most of the time just stayed at the cottage.   My officemates were enjoying the beach but I just stayed at the cottage.  Near us are the gay couple who later on talked to me and befriended me as well.

By 5PM, we did our team-building activity which was a game of quiz bee, however the questions were about everyone in our office, their birthdate, addresses and other peculiar information.  It was a really good game and in turn, I have to give 4 Starbucks gift certificates to the winners.

Around 6PM, we already took a bath and changed to our night clothes.  The problem is that it's raining so even if we change clothes, we will still be wet, but no choice.  It was a far walk to the showers.  Most of the people are washing their bodies in front of the faucet but it's not really my style.  I am now always shy because I don't want to tease people... hahaha... So I took one pale and got in a shower room.  Problem is that there is no lock in the shower room so I have to wash my body using one hand.  Funny thing is that when I have to reach for the pale, my hand slipped and the door opened.  I was so sure to keep the door closed so I took a bath in nude.  When the door opened, one guy - who I already figured is a gay - was waiting outside my door and he was able to see my naked body... (Are any of you guys here that guy? Hahah)  I just smiled at him which he did in return.

Then I continued to clean myself and then changed clothes.  When I opened the door, the guy was still there.  AS expected he asked for my name, I told him "Angelo".  He asked where we are staying and I gave our cottage number.  He said he will drop by later.  I said "okay".

Then we returned to the cottage and my other officemate asked me to accompany him to the other resort where we will buy something to eat which I agreed.  We walked for 10 minutes to the story and bought a 50-peso corned beef, 40-peso mini cup noodles, 25-peso coffee in styro cup.  As Lonnie, my new friend, warned me this morning, everything here is expensive because they have to ride a boat to get here.

We stayed at a nearby cottage and ate and went back to our cottage.  I saw the guy that I saw at the showers, he looked at me and looked at my officemate, he thought maybe that that was my boyfriend, because the guy I was with is also good-looking... and gay, He never dared returned.

By 7PM, we ate a hefty dinner again by the organizers.  Then we drank The Bar, Emperador Light, and GSM Blue.  We played Pinoy Henyo and Charades, me as the host, then had story telling which led to ghost stories.  We then went to sleep.

Some of the activities for day 1 was not done.  We were told to have trekking and bonfire but all of those were canceled because of the storm.  Also, I was looking forward for Lonnie but he didn't come to Anawangin, maybe because of the storm.

When I woke up, my back is achy because we were sleeping in a tent and the sand is very hard.  We then prepared ourselves to go back to Pundaquit earlier because the storm might come back.  We then wrapped our things in plastic, boarded the boat, then trekked several meters to the boat, and 30 minutes again of boat ride.

When we returned to Pundaquit, I was so excited to see Lonnie, but what faced us was another challenge.  The estuary (intersection of river and sea) which was shallow yesterday was already neck deep, so we rode a boat going to the other side, 4 meter boat ride to the other side costs 5 pesos each.

I went to the nearby resort but didn't see Lonnie.  We then put our bags on the table and then rested.  I led some guys to the nearby shop and bought some pasalubongs like key chains, t-shirts, glasses, espasol, towel and hat.  When I returned to the cottage I saw Lonnie on the other resort.  I was so happy.

Then my officemates decided to go walking to the waterfalls, I urged them to so that I can be left alone.  When they left, Lonnie saw me alone in the cottage so he approached me and accompanied me.  We talked about stuff and we became close.  He told me that he is half American and half Ilocano.  He will be staying there until this week only and then he will return to his mother and father.

A native approached us and sold us things.  Lonnie bought a long bow and arrow, and he bought for me blowdart.  We were happy practicing me.  He taught me how to shoot using blowdarts, which means he used my blowdarts first before me, so it's like we kissed each other.  Hahaha.

We then walked to the shore and sat there talking.  This is when my officemates saw us.  SOme officemates who are gay, who know I was gay, were smiling because they thought about something else was happening which there was not.  Then Lonnie left to go to their resort.  We promised to always keep in touch.

We then had lunch and already showered and changed to our casual clothers.  We then boarded the van.  We passed by Royal Duty Free in Subic where I bought chocolates for my boyfriend.  Then we boarded the van again back to Manila.

The experience there was so great because I really had fun.  Although because of the storm we were not able to go island hopping and trekking, but the food was so good and there were a lot.  Also, the people there are so nice and caring.  All in all, I will visit Anawangin again, but during Summer season... hahaha... No storms please.


  1. One of my officemates is from Zambales. And we have been to Anawangin several times already.

    At sa bawat pagpunta dun, kakaibang saya ang nararamdaman namin.

    Always in commune with nature.

    Naranasan na rin namin na bumabagyo nung nakarating kami ng Pundaquit, kaya hindi na rin kami tumuloy sa Anawangin. Pero kahit sa baybayin na lang ng Pundaquit ay nagawa naming magsaya, kahit na mag picture-taking lang sa bawat hampas ng alon.

    Balak ko rin ulit bumalik ng Anawangin.