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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thoughts for April 20, 2012 (Colton Dixon)

I just want to share my sentiments today.  It's like the world suddenly became dark.

If you have been watching American Idol, you would then know COLTON DIXON, my ever-beloved Colton.  However, a few hours ago, Colton has been eliminated from American Idol.

I'm really sad right now. I wanna go there and hug and comfort him.  I really really feel bad for him.  I LOVE HIM.  His dreamy eyes, his cute smile, his tall and twinkish body and his great voice, I will miss those. For today I just want to share these videos of him that surely would haunt me for the rest of my life.

This is his 2012 audition. He wasn't supposed to audition and would like to let his sister Schyler have the spotlight but judges urged his sister to get her. Fortunately, he agreed and was accepted.

This is his Top24 performance where he performed "Decode"

This is his Top 13 performance where he performed "Lately"

This is his Top 11 performance singing "Broken Heart" what I am feeling now that he is voted out in American Idol.

This is his Top 10 performance singing "Piano Man" actually this is my favorite song of all time now... I love him and this song so much.

This is his Top 9 performance singing "Everything" This is the song I play when I am alone and want to think.

This is his Top 8 performance singing "Time After Time" reminds me of my high school days... Really did justice to the song.

This is his Top 7 performance singing "Love the Way you Lie" which is also my boyfriend's favorite song.

This is his first Top 7 redux performance of "Bad Romance"

This is his Top 7 Redux performance of "September" His last performance on Idol

Last night I was playing his songs repeatedly.  When I woke up, I was shocked after reading this:
I was tear-jerked after that. I messaged my boyfriend and he knows how I am sad about this, knowing that I love Colton, few steps lower than how I love him.

He wasn't meant to be voted off if Americal Idol didn;t need 2 finalists to be voted off just to fill out with the fact that noone got eliminated last week.  It's really hard not to put the blame on Jessica Sanchez, but it's not her fault.  It's American's fault due to lack of appreciation to great voice and talent.  They would rather vote for a boy-next-door-but-with-less-talent Philip or pure blondes.  I really think that the fact that Colton si Canadian and not American (Specifically from USA, I mean) is one of the reason he got less votes.  I am feeling scared about Jessica as well, her being a Filipina made her famous to us Filipinos but I don't think that's how American's would perceive her.

I decided that I will put a post in honor of my new love, Colton Dixon.  I just know that in the future, he will be more famous than the winner of American Idol.

My boyfriend also said that most American Idol finalists became more popular than the winner themselves, for example:

Jennifer Hudson - She was in 7th place for American Idol Season 3 where Fantasia Barrino won.  Fantasia, had her 1-3 months fame and then she was now nowhere in sight.  Jennifer however won a Grammy and became a Super Celebrity until now.  She even performed in this Season.

Crystal Bowersox - She was a runner-up in American Idol Season 9 where Lee Dewyze won.  However, her album sold more than Lee's album.

Adam Lambert - Season 8 runner up, after Kris Allen.  Apparently, his album sold 3 times more than Kris's

David Archuleta - Season 7's runner up, after David Cook.  However, his songs were now in Billboard's Top 100. Also, Filipinos won't forget him as he is now one of our country's singers. Hahaha. He is also my crush.

Chris Daughtry - Season 5 4th placer.  However he is top 3 of the most influential Idol contestant after Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson but with over 6 million albums sold.

Katharine McPhee - Season 5 runner up after Taylor Hicks.  However, her first single sold more than Taylor Hicks and has now been seen on several films like House Bunny (my favorite) and may get some lead roles also in the future.

So, my dear COLTON, if you're reading this, I know you won't, don;t give up.  I will always love you and support you, count me in on your first album, I will buy your album. Promise.  And to my followers, please support him in the future.

Thank you for sharing my sentiments.

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