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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Thoughts (June 5, 2011)

Whew... A new months has arrived. It has been a month after my birthday. I think one of the best gift I have received this year is having a lot of readers and followers and fans.

Hence, I have created a Facebook Fanpage for Dark Angel's Thoughts. You can just search me on Facebook. Of course, since I want to keep myself private, you will not see my picture there... or so you might think. Please just search for Dark Angel's Thoughts on Facebook and you will see my fan page there. This was actually a suggestion of some of my loyal followers.

Also, I would like to ask you to not ask for my real facebook account since I really want to keep myself and the people I love private especially when some of the people in my story are my friends on Facebook. Since they are my friends. Which means, Jan, Ivan and Ralph can (may) be seen on Facebook that is if you really wanna search thoroughly. Hahahaha.

Also, thank you much for expressing your thoughts on my chatbox. I put it there for easy messaging. However, please do not stop from commenting because comments can really be seen on the post, while if only in chatbox, sometimes you will not be able to see it anymore. So guys, if you love my post, please leave a comment.

Also, there are some followers who now forget to message me. I don't know if they have totally deserted me or they do not like to text me anymore, but I really miss some of you.

I also apologize if sometimes, I won't be able to post sooner or more frequent. I am very busy with work. I have a little time for myself and my boyfriend. Ayoko namang masira ang relasyon namin ni boyfriend. Minsan nga wala na akong time sa kanya e. My lovelife is hanging by a thread. So I hope you understand.

Kung di lang ako mahal ni boyfriend e matagal na akong iniwan noon sa kawalan ng time. Huhuhu.

It's Monday tomorrow, I will be busy again for the rest of the week. Kaya nga bumawi ako today by posting twice e. Para naman di na kayo magalit. I know naman you will understand. Just be patient more.

I love you all. Hope I can finish My Seminary Series before this week... Yan ha may hint na kayo. Ilang chapters na lang po ang My Seminary Series so please wag niyo po kaligtaang basahin ha? If I can post everyday, I might finish it this week and I can start with My High School Series na magiging sobrang haba po. Hahaha.

Sana po wag kayo magsawang magbasa.

Sana po after reading this, you will leave a comment. Thank you and I love you all.

To my boyfriend for several years, who keep on loving me... na kapag binabasa ang blog ko ay naiinis at natatawa paminsan-minsa na may kasamang selos... hahaha.... I love you Baby.

Siyempre, secret kung sino ang boyfriend ko ngayon di ba? Basta I love him so much.


  1. i've already liked your facebook fanpage!! I really love your blog kasi nakakakuha ako ng lessons.. andami kong na-realize.. maraming salamat dark angel!!


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  3. "Also, there are some followers who now forget to message me."

    -hmmm, sino?

    syempre i won't "like" (as in yung "like" na verb ha) your fanpage sa Facebook din, to protect my identity noh.. hehehe


  4. sorry, na tinanong ko pa ung FB mo, naun ko lang nabasa to e, hehe, i understand, kahit naman ako e, private din e, :) bago lang ako sa blogspot, and luckily isa tong blog mo sa nakita ko,will be staying in this blog for a long time, :) goodluck sa career mo! :)

  5. okay lng un. at least u understand. hope u stay long. thanks