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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Thoughts 16 March 2011

Hi guys.

This is now just my thoughts as for the moment. Before I would continue with My Elementary Series, I would just thank you. Thank you for following me. I was as well surprised that within less than a week I already had 6 followers. For most, this is mere, but for me this already gave me the inspiration to continue with my writing.

Anyway, right now I have a fever but that doesn't stop me from blogging. Actually the reason that I have a fever is that I just came from a wake last night and almost 20 of us went there. We had a little fun in playing tong-its, bingo, in between, and a little shots.

The guy who was courting me who is now my boyfriend (which will be tackled on my later posts) met his friends who he hasn't met for quite some time so he was focused on them than me. For two hours before we all went home, I was actually quiet and I was very keen on pointing out that he is not what he promised to be.

I spent almost 30 minutes on a local convenient store far from the place where the wake was at and he hasn't even come to look out for me. For me it really proves that he doesn't really love me to notice I was already gone for quite some time.

After that we left the wake and he just bade me goodbye in his sweet way but I know he was still very preoccupied by his old friends. I know I should be understanding but we still have to feel what we have to feel. He and his old friends left and I left with our other friends.

Anyway, I already swore that i will not be seeing him until we will know what we really truly feel about each other. Anyway, he's straight. Hahaha. Another way to make things complicated.

More details will be on my other series.

See you all. Keep following. I do appreciate it.

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  1. i know how it feels..hehe. mine's straight too, so im quite insecure most of the time.