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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Just a quick post

Hi, I was so excited to write about this.

Well, I do know I only have 11 followers and I love them all. I was so shocked at my views anyway. There's a lot? Wow! As in super shocked about this. I didn't expect that I would reach this number of views in such a short time.

Also, 2 people messaged me and asked me a lot of questions. Here are the questions and my answers:

1) How many chapters is My Elementary Series?
Well, since this is a persona blog based on my own personal experience, I don't really know as to how many chapters My Elementary Series would be. That depends actually on my memory because I am actually squeezing my head to remember almost if not all of the details that happened several years ago. So, I can say that it might reach 50 chapters at least.

2) If your stories are grouped by series, does that mean you will have other series as well?
Nice question by the way. Anyway, yes I group my stories by series so that it will be easier to archive later on. I also meant to do it so that readers would know a little about what the story is all about.

3) If yes, what are the other series?
I really smiled at this question. Well, I might group them as this:
High School Series (obviously),
Seminary series (now you know I was in a seminary),
Church Life series (Hmmm...),
College Series (predictable),
Manila Sexcapades Series(more on the naughty side),
The Three Gays (Friendship Series),
How I was molested (a little tragic twist)
Life being Hired Series(Just a Glimpse of what my life turned out into),
Luneta Park Series,
Call Center Series,
My Life as a Teacher Series,
Lost of Lust, Love was Lost (Love Stories),

I know they are a lot. That means there are a lot for you readers to anticipate and read. By the time I reached the latter series (not last because I am only 24 right now), I would be 30+ years old. Hahaha. I will just try to write faster. I hope so.

So, everyone, keep reading. Mwah... love you all.


  1. did you post already the other series not posted hear like call center series, luneta park series etc. ?

  2. Nope... if mabilis me magpost, I might post it by next year... dami pa magdadaan na series e