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Miyerkules, Marso 9, 2011

My Life, My Story, My Being Gay

This is my first post.  I just would like to welcome you all for reading it.  These are the times in my life that I can consider as writing-worthy and I wish to share it to everyone.

I would like to point out that I am not a writing expert nor have I taken any formal writing courses or studies so I apologize in advance if any of you would feel that my writing is a bit unprofessional because I am indeed an unprofessional writer.

You may all want to read stories that are more on the sensual or romantic side and I can assure you that these will be included in this blog.  I hope you will not judge me as a person depending on what I write here because I write here based on what I have experienced and of course we cannot edit our experiences and since I am just writing them, it's up to you if you will laugh at me, feel pity about me, envy me or feel nothing whatsoever.

This is my life and I am happy to share them to you.  If you feel that you have experienced the same things with what I write then you would understand me, if not then somewhat you can consider yourself lucky... or maybe unfortunate.

I welcome any comments and I would appreciate it a lot.  Whatever comments and suggestions you might want to add, I will whole-heartedly accept it.

Also, for those readers who would want a man-to-woman stories, this is not for you.  For all gays, bisexuals, trisexuals, transvestites, transexuals, trippers, straight-acting, paminta (buo, durog, o pino), top, bottom or versa, twinks or bears, or whatever labels you wish to call yourself, this is for all of us.

By reading this, I am welcoming you as part of my life.  Know me more to understand me more.

For the first time in this blog, I thank you.

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  1. nice blog mah friend.. di nman tayo lahat dito manunulat talaga.. di rin nman ako writer sumali lang ako sa mundo ng blog dahil gusto ko lang.. para maipapalabas ko mga saloobin ko. di kasi ako maxado mahilig mag share lalo na pag problems.. Keep posting ka lang at pa follow na din.. ^^ thanks

  2. Thanks Jem-jem. You are my first comment. Hahaha. Anyway. Thanks for following and I will assure you that you will enjoy my next posts. Marami pa akong maikukwento.

  3. hi!!this is not my first time na makapgbasa sa ng ganitong blog.but you caught my attention mukhang susubaybayan ko lahat ng postings mo.okay lang na hindi ka expert writer as what you've said,hindi naman siguro requirement yun dito at least you have the guts na masabi at maishare kung ano ung nararamdaman mo.saka isa mas gusto ko yung magbasa ng stories na true to life.just continue what you have started for sure dadami din ang followers mo...ingats

  4. thanks for following as well jhill. rest assured na aayusin ko pa lalo ang pagpopost. u also gave me energy to write... =)

    Love u all.

  5. @ Ryan... I don't know as to why you've said that, but if you think so, then I will think so as well. Everyone of us has a fair share of luck, it's just how we make use of it through the aid of will-power.... naks... lalim ba... Just keep reading. I love u all.

  6. having such a relationship is pretty fair. Maybe I ain't that fortunate. Lol. Hirap din magtago. haha

  7. It's too early to say that actually. =) *wink. Remember... my posts are based on real life and right now, my posts are only when I was 11 years old. hahaha... I am now 25 so, got a long way to go... I hope you won't get bored by this...

  8. hahaha! a dark angel! a fallen angel here. it's my first time to be here in your blog site. and i would like to say thank you. salamat dahil nakakarelate ako. shukran sadiq!