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Monday, December 5, 2011

Thoughts (December 6, 2011)

Guys... I just added the Donate Button for Paypal on the Upper-Right part of my Blog. If you wish to help me by donating I would very much appreciate it. Thank you.

Anyways... this is my first thoughts for December 2011.

It's December already and there are a lot of things that I am looking forward to.

1) Our anniversary (my boyfriend and I). I am planning to treat him to Palawan or if I can get a cheap fare to other provinces like Bohol, Davao, or Baguio. I wanna spend more time with him and have our nth honeymoon hahaha.

2) Salary of course on the 15th and 29th... Christmas shopping again in Divisoria. So to those guys who frequently go to Divisoria Night Market...
I frequently go there before Christmas, so if you want to see me... just look at the people around you, you might spot me. I might be one of those people there. I usually go around Tutuban mall around 8:30PM to 10:00PM. I usually go around twice and buy shirts, jeans, shoes, stuff toys, curtains, pillow cases,and bags. If you see someone who have 3 of those, he might be me. To make it easier, my schedule to got there are Thursdays and Sundays. And to help you guys, I will wear pink shirt. (Bading na bading, hahahaha... kaya ko namang dalhin kasi e. Discreet naman.)

3) Office Christmas Party... 17th December 2011
Office Christmas Party... before I was only looking-forward to this as to what would be the company's Christmas food will be, the venue and the programs. However, things change now because I am the one who will plan all of this for our company. We now agreed that this will be a swimming party in Pansol Laguna on 17th December 2011. So guys, you have another hint.

4) Christmas Noche Buena... 24th December 2011
I am always looking forward for this because not only for the fact that I really love to eat ham, but because our whole family will be together. I am staying at my boyfriend's house and I have been celebrating my Christmas Party with them. This is also the time that all his family, who has been my family as well, will be together and spend time together.

5) Christmas gifts, 24th December 2011
I will be a hypocrite if I say that I am not looking forward for this. I am always the guy who is very anxious as to who will give me gifts and how many gifts will I receive. However, I don't care as to the cost of the gift, it can be a card for all I care. So guys, hope you will send me your greetings on Christmas. Since you can't send me your gifts since I can't provide any address, a donation on the above button for Paypal would be certainly appreciated.

6) Christmas Tree... 1st December 2011... check and done
This is my favorite Christmas symbol. I was the one who bought and assembled the Christmas tree at home and in our office. I really love to mount the lights and the Christmas balls and decorations.

Things I will be missing...
1) 13th month pay.
One disadvantage of being a manager... you don't have 13th month pay. Huhuhu. 13th month pay is no longer applicable to me so Goodbye for it. Hay.

Anyway, I am just thankful for all the blessings that God has given me this year. I am so lucky to be able to pass all the trials in my life. THank you so much to my boyfriend who has been supporting me in all aspects during the hardest and lowest part of my year. I love you baby. You have always been my inspiration and strength.

Thank you to my bestfriend Tim, who after several months of being AWOL has been meeting me almost 2 times a week. Thank you for being sweeter. I love you as a brother as well and even if our age is almost a decade apart, we have been understanding of each other's weaknesses, and issues. Thanks for making me happy as well on the times we are together.

To my boyfriend's brother, who has been like a brother and bestfriend to me. For the times that we shared together which are actually more than the times we spent with my boyfriend, I am enjoying it. It is nice to have someone who has the same brain wavelength as mine, at least I would never sound boring and condescending. I love the times we are joking about each other and making fun of our faults and still end up smiling. I really love you dear bro.

To my boyfriend's mother who has always been taking care of me especially when I am sick and have no job. Thank you for the patience especially on my "Taray" moments. Thanks for waiting for me every night and making me coffee in the morning. Thank you.

To my boyfriend's brothers, sisters, sister-in-law, and brother-in-law, who have been like my brothers and sisters as well, thank you. I love all our bonding time together, the kain-sa-labas time we had together in Greenbelt and Ayala. Also, thank you for making me happy and for the future gifts you will give me on Christmas hahahaha.

To my cute pamangkins, I love you. Even if I am the strictest uncle (like) you have, and most of the times I shout and discipline you, you still don't stop liking, respecting and loving me. I love you all.

To my parents, wherever you are, I hope you are all happy because I am. To my brother, I miss you. I really love you all.

To God, thank you so much for always granting my wish even if I haven't prayed for it. Thank you for giving me the trials that made me stronger and always guiding a sinner like me. I love you.


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  2. Sa Cebu ka na magpunta. Maganda rito at mura lang. si Ed nga pala ito.

  3. Hmmm... di ko po alam.. gusto kasi namin medyo province naman. Kasi pag Cebu parang Manila lang din masyadong industrialized. Gusto namin back to nature...pero thanks sa suggestion