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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thoughts (3rd Anniversary with My Baby)

I just want to share my 3rd year anniversary with my very cute, oh so sexy, sweet, loving, thoughtful and makulit boyfriend.

Sadly, my company salary should have been yesterday December 15, 2011 and that is our 3rd anniversary as well, but I know that I will be very busy that day so my boyfriend and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary on December 14th.

He went to Walter Mart Makati, a mall near my office building. We watched his most-awaited movie... "NEW YEAR'S EVE". Why New Year's Eve you say? First of all, our favorite singer/actress Lea Michelle is there, our favorite actor/dancer - Zac Efron - is there too, the sexiest Hollywood actor I have seen his ass ever - Ashton Kutcher - is there as well. So definitely we will hear Lea Michelle (also known as Rachel Berry of Glee) sing.

I was so happy with the movie, the humor and the story is way better than Valentine's Day who also had the same producer. Also I get to hear Lea sing, 3 times. And he was Ashton's love interest in the movie. Also when she sang "Auld Lang Syne" which was really so awesome, I was like "Best Movie Ever." which my boyfriend understood because I really love Lea Michelle.

When we went out of the theater, we decided to watch Immortals again. Actually, I watched this with my bestfriend December 13th but I want my boyfriend to see this movie as well and I want to see my husband Poseidon (Kullen Lutz) and a lot of sexy abs, biceps and chests in this movie.

There is still 1 hour left before the Immortals so we ate first in Pancake House, he ate Spring Fried Chicken and Pasta while I ate a Rib Eye Steak with mashed potatoes and we had Mango Crepe for dessert. But the movie was already starting which is why we just had the dessert to go. We ate this in the movie.

During the movie we were having a food trip. We brought Potato Chips, bucket of pop corn, 2 jumbo hotdogs and softdrinks. Plus the Mango Crepe. It was really a food trip, plus the delicious Poseidon appetizer.

Anyway, I am happy that we have spent this time together.

My boyfriend also bought me a Stitch mug because he said that the Stitch stuffed toy that we bought is okay but I can't bring it everytime so he bought me a mug so I can use it in the office.

Wala lang, just wanna share.


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