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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My New Crush... Kellan Lutz

Yes, guys... I will admit it... I have a new crush in the name of KELLAN LUTZ...

You may notice him as the person from two of the most anticipated movies of 2011, The Breaking Dawn and Immortals.

I admit, I am not really into Twilight Saga because I am a person who doesn't get into things that a lot of people like.

This is the reason why I haven't watched Twilight only this November when my bestfriend asked me to watch Breaking Dawn Part 1. So, I opened my Torrent and downloaded Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse and watched them all.

Although we know that I like Robert Pattinson when he was still in Harry Potter 4 (Goblet of Fire) as Cedric Diggory, who I really like in that movie and screamed when he was killed by Wormtail and hated Wormtail forever, I really kinda saw how Robert Pattinson's body was so exploited in that movie. I know millions of girls around the world have screamed and drooled when he bared several times in New Moon.

But, what really caught my attention is not Robert Pattinson but Kellan Lutz... Also known as Emmett Cullen, one of Robert Pattinson's adoptive brothers in the movie. I agree that he barely have talking parts in the movie and most of the time he was just running, smiling, attacking and flaunting his over-muscular physique but he really got my attention.

First, his eyes, he has this puppy dog eyes like Josh Hartnett which edges can really pierce through my soul and have made me undressed in less than a second.

Secondly, his body. Everyone would admit that his biceps are SOOOOOOOOOOO HUGE... they would crush me when he embraces me with those sculpted logs. His Chest is very much pecked like if I was the bird who pecked it to give it that godly appearance and shape, I would have been full for the whole decade and would eat nothing but that.

And lastly, his voice. It is very masculine and deep. I would spend 1 whole year talking to him on the phone. Also, one minute of S.O.P. with him is heaven.

Anyway, this admiration for him grew when yesterday, my bestfriend and I went to the movies and saw Immortals. I never thought that Kellan Lutz would be in that movie. When I saw him as Zeus's brother Poseidon with his very long and big scepter, and when I saw those dreamy eyes, I already knew it was him.... my Kellan Lutz.

He really drove me crazy when he dived from heaven and into the sea and splashed the enemies away... I was like. "I LOVE YOU!!!"

Alsom there was a part when he was fighting against the Titans, I really was cheering for him . I was so involved with the movie that I was really screaming and screeching when he fights. I was so indulged that I was holding my friend's biceps already and I did not notice it.

When the titans have already defeated him and he was hit and lying on the floor, and they are going to stab him, I was like... "NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!"

My friend pinched me because I was screaming so hard. Why? I thought they are going to stab his dick. Hahaha but it was his thigh so I was relieved.

Anyway, drool with me guys...

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