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Sunday, November 20, 2011

60 Hottest Guys For Me (Local and International) Winner

Of course, there's no way that any person (alive or dead) can match my love for Mario Maurer. Although, most of you would have already noticed that he is the look-alike for Ivan (Grrrr) but I can't deny that I absolutely love him.

Face: You can't deny that Mario Maurer has the best, cutest, most beautiful face in the whole world. His Chinky eyes for me is so wonderful. You know what's so lovable about him is that even if he doesn't have make-up and will only show his plain simple face, he still looks gorgeous and handsome.

His body: Maybe for me, I love him because whatever body he has, I certainly would still love it. In his movie Love of Siam, he only has this plain, non-muscular, twinkish body but still I love him. I want to hug him and ask him to just love me and not the other guy there.

His voice: Yeah I know, his real voice is a real turn off but who cares. He can be mute and not speak at all or have the ugliest voice in the planet but I would still love him.

Acting skills: Well, if you will watch all his movies, you would know how good of an actor he is. Even if most of the time his movies are just subtitled, I can really see in his face the sincerity as an actor. His acting is so natural, convincing and yet simple but he can convey the emotion and you will just sit back and wish that it was you when he says I love you.

Charisma: Whew! Do I really need to talk about this? He has the charisma like a magnet on a metal. If I watch him, I kiss the monitor. AS a commercial model, whew! Not again. I would certainly buy him... I mean what he sells. He is the reason why I now like Penshoppe, joined Penshoppe's Spread the Style Contest and luckily I won.

Face: 20
Body: 20
Height: 10


1. Mario Maurer

Some of his movies:

Love of Siam:
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***I do not own any of the videos***

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