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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Thoughts... Celebrating 1000 days of Being with My Boyfriend

Whew! Wow!

Mixed emotions I have right now. Today is the 1000th day that my boyfriend and I have been together. It's almost 3 years indeed, but for me reaching 1000 days in a relationship is quite monumental.

Yes, you've read it right guys, my boyfriend and I have been together for 1000 days already. Almost the same number of days that I have been living with him and his family. Whew! Wow!

Anyway, I cannot say that I have always been a loyal and a great boyfriend and that our relationship is the best or better than any other relationships. I, who as all you might have known already, am a person whom lust is always present. In short, "MALIBOG" or "Malapit sa tukso." I can always admit that.

Anyway, the first month has been very challenging for us especially for me since I am a person who doesn't believe right away that I can be loved by a person wholeheartedly or if the relation is just like my previous relationship, full of sex but easily grows cold.

It was of course very challenging for me. I am a person who will always think at the start of the relationship that this is just temporary. So, what I do is I don't pour all my heart out. I don't show and give all my love.

However, knowing the person I am with right now, even if we had sex on the very first day that we met, we instantly became fond of each other and friendship grew on top of love.

As time went by, we came to know each other and find that we have a LOT of common interests and that, even we have different personalities, we complement each other. We may be a yin and yang of each other but that established balance in our relationship. He was shy, I am sociable. He is quiet, I am talkative. He is a good listener, I speak most of the time. But, for these we really have balance in our relationship.

Bonding with him was never hard. We sing a lot, fond of making jokes about each other, cuddling, snuggling, and hugging. Most of the time, if I ask him if he loves me, he will say "No."

However, when I sleep, I would feel his arms around me, his gentle kiss and touch on my face and would say "I love you."

He was always supportive and always guides me in my decision because I am not good at making decisions. He was always thoughtful. He is always considerate of my feelings and would forgive me after most mistakes.

He is the love of my life and I will remain happy with him as long as he's happy with me.

Baby ko, Happy 1000th day together. I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH, NOW AND FOREVER.


  1. hahaha...hang sweet! i'm happy for both of you...nababasa ba nya itong blog mo?

  2. Oo nga sana mabasa nya tong blog mo!!!! ng malamn nya na kung gaano mo sya kamahal(^_^)!!!!

  3. so happy for you gel!

    may you have more good days to come.