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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Celebrating 100th Post

Guys! I would like to thank you all for reading my blog. I expected that my blog would last long but seeing today that I already have 100 posts made me cry. It's just so fast.

If anyone could still remember, I started my blog somewhat mid-March. I was just an aspiring writer back then. Nobody knew this but the reason why I started blogging was this.

I am a big fan of Tagalog Pocketbooks. Any Tagalog pocketbooks that I can lay my hand on, I will sure to really read it in one sitting. I just liked how the writers of these pocketbooks deliver their stories and make twists in the middle. However, some writers are very predictable.

I always love Tagalog pocketbooks because I am not very good in Tagalog. I know English better than Tagalog. Baluktot ang dila ko kapag nagtaTagalog. But I really tried to improve my Tagalog. I find Tagalog words deep and emotional. Hahaha. Corny ko no?

Anyways, I challenged myself, I said I want to become an author as well. I wanted my name to be read in even one pocketbook. So I started to write my own pocketbook novel as well. Of course, it's not that easy for me. (1) I am not a Literature major and have never written any novel before. (2) Mababaw ang balarilang Filipino ko. (3) I am working back then and can only write during free time.

However, the main challenge there is that the story should alwasy be about a boy and a girl which for me is somewhat irrelevant to me. Hahahaha.

I wrote a full story novel. A Tagalog love story. After finishing it I have to format it to standard manuscript format. I then looked for several ways to send my work to the publishers. I have sent it to 3 publications including Precious Heart Romances. But all of them declined my story.

So sad!

I have to admit, my writing is really not good since I haven't studied writing novels in any part of my life. I only knew how to write based on pocketbooks. Also, I know that I was not inspired writing these stories because I honestly cannot relate to a guy to girl relationship.

So, what I did, I started this blog. I said to myself, if they don't like my story, I will write my OWN story. If they won't like it, so what? I never written it for anyone to just like my life because that is my story. I wrote these posts because I want even just a few people to know my story. If people would like it, that would really make me happy, but if they don't I can't do anything.

However, after 5 months of writing and posting, and although August was not so good for me in writing, I was able to reach 100 posts, 49 followers and over 85,000 views.

So now, I would really like to thank you all. You will always be my inspiration. You give me strength, energy, will and power to continue. I will never forget all of you. I love you all.

A big kiss from you most beloved DARK ANGEL


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  1. way to go gelo..