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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Thoughts... Dark Angel's End??

A lot of guys are clamoring about this.... Is it really the end of Dark Angel's Thoughts?

When did this issue started?

This started when Nathan J.R. commented on recent update of My Sophomore Series:

"cute at sweet, sNa ay may friends ako na tulad nila.I needed one back then pero wala dumating hehe. cguro sadyang ganun ang buhay swerte swerte lng .. nyway CUTE at SWEET ang part ng kwento mo na ito... Keep it up.. tnx gelo.."

And my reply was:

Nathan... I can't promise to keep this up... you know naman... I can't control the events... or should I say... I couldn't control the events.

I didn't think that there will come a time that I will be explaining this to anyone.

I will write it in Tagalog for everyone to know what I wanted to say.

What Nathan said was... "...Cute and Sweet and part ng kwento na ito... Keep it up."

When I said I can't promise that... I meant I can't promise that I will keep it as cute and sweet as this.  Hindi ko maipapangako na palaging ganito ka-sweet at ka-cute ang post ko.

Also, I said, "I can't control the events" ... I meant I can't control the events sa story ko...

I corrected it and said... " I couldn't control the events"  Past tense... dahil ang part ng story ko na ito ay nasa past and how could I control, change, edit or revise the events kung nangyari na ito.

I post the way it happened... Ayokong baguhin ang mga pangyayari para lang mag-enjoy kayo... As I have said before, whether you like my story or not, whether you believe it or not... I will still write here... dahil I just want to share my story and if it doesn't meet your expectation, kung hindi man palaging happy ending, wala akong magagawa.

Nathan... I didn't mean to offend you because I posted your name here, I just want to be specific to clarify these issues and rumors.  Dark Angel Thoughts will continue to post my story and the other people's stories so just sit back and enjoy.

I love you all.


  1. Talk about over-reaction, can't you just take it as compliment duh!

  2. Angelo's just trying to explain. He wants to correct our overreaction. Angelo it's ok. Don't think about this hater's comment.

  3. Tama. We love your stories gel. Thanks for the warm welcome. Take care.


  4. i agree w ur decision MR. AUTHOR, kc story mo e2 , so be it at mas makatotoo f un talaga ang mga nangyari sa nkaraaan mo. i know , kapupulotan ito ng aral . goodluck and hope wag kang magsawa sa pagshare .

  5. I mis-interpreted your reply... so ganun pala yun hehe.. its okay Im not offended its more of a compliment on my side you posting something because of me ;-) Just keep on posting your stories how it happened mas maganda yung totoo hindi nakakainip basahin dahil hindi napepredict kng anong mangyayari.. More power gElo..

    -Nathan J.R.-