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Friday, May 25, 2012

Thoughts... May 25, 2012 (Marinduque Trip and Legal Help on Globe)

Guys... I hope you like my new series... So many questions hanging but don't worry I will answer those when I get back from my vacation.

Yes, I will be going on a vacation.  As I am typing this, I am counting the minutes before I leave my office and leave for the bus terminal to Marinduque.

I will be attending my employee's birthday party tomorrow and I, along with my other employee, are going there to relax for a bit while enjoying the wonderful scenery of Marinduque.  They said it's not a really urbanized province so I will have a taste (again) of a provincial life.  I just hope that it will be simple unlike here in the city.

I should be accompanied by my boyfriend.  Unfortunately, he has an appointment on Sunday so he  can't come with me because we will be back Sunday night.  I will miss him really.  I will also miss you guys.

Hope you will all keep on reading my blog.  I am sorry for sometime that I wasn't able to post.  It is a really busy day and we have a very big family problem.

My boyfriend's brother got a Globe plan, unfortunately, that phone plan included an iPhone.  Few weeks later, his iPhone was stolen.  He still used the number.  For several months he used it until such a time that he was so down because that cellphone number reminds him of his lost iPhone.  For several months he did not use the sim and then the bill just got high.

Today, Globe called him and asked him to pay up to Php104,000.00 for everything within 6 months.  That's around Php17,000.00 each month.  So, I have to help him on this.  In line with this, if anyone has any idea on how we can solve this problem, or if anyone here works for Globe, I request your help.  Please contact me or leave your suggestions.

For the meantime... see you in Marinduque


  1. nakipag-ugnayan po siya sa globe nung na stolen yung phone niya that day ? :(

  2. Tama si bryan? Tumawag ba dati ang kapatid ng boyfriend mo nung nawala ang celphone niya. Kung tumawag siya at pinablock yung number na kasama nung celphone hindi dapat magiging ganito ang bill niyo. Pero kung tumawag siya sa globe at hindi yun nablock ng agent wala kayong kasalanan at idiin niyo sila para hindi niyo bayaran ang ganyang kalaking bill. Magkakaroon kasi yan ng imbestigasyon sa part ng Globe at magiging liable yung agent na naghandle ng call ng kapatid mo. Siya ang magbabayad ng bill niyo pag napatunayan negligence on his/her duty. Malaking pera yan.

    Pero kung hindi niyo natawag ito ay suggest coordinate pa rin kayo. Kung okay naman ang history niyo sa Globe pwedeng iconsider yan. Pwede kayong maghaggle para mapababa yan. Basta maging firm lang kayo sa sasabihin niyo.

    Reminder ko lang na next time na mangyari ito lalo na plan kayo itawag niyo kaagad sa network niyo para ipablock yung sim ng hindi magamit ng kawatan. Burden lalo sa inyo pag nagamit niya iyon. Magaling pa naman ngayon ang mga kawatan magdistinguish kung postpaid or prepaid ang number ng nakuha na.

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  4. Sir gel,,
    I make some research about that case sana makatulong itong legal action na po ito

    In case of loss of CPE"Customer Premise Equipment", the Subscriber shall immediately inform of such fact, first by telephone through Customer Care Hotline , to be followed by the submission of an AFFIDAVIT OF LOSS or a POLICE REPORT to document such loss within 24 hours from the discovery of the loss. upon notice of such loss, shall immediately disconnect the Service. All charges and fees accruing prior to the disconnection shall remain for the account of the Subscriber.

    *affidavit of loss - mga 300php lang po ata pagawa nun or police report
    *price of phone
    *data plans
    *termination fee

    mukhang medyo malaki yung babayaran if he follow the legal actions

    kung sa akin pwede naman ignore yan dahil hindi naman siya pwede makulong basta basta sa ganyan pero ma BLACKLIST lang yung name niya sa globe which he cannot subcribe to any globe postpaid plans
    *kung medyong sincere siya sa nawala niyang item pwede niya pong bayaran ito sa globe.

    *paki sabi po sa kanya huwag po siya magpapadala sa takot kasi tatakutin siya ng globe by means of letters and calls,kapag calls sabihin nalng sa globe na wala siya sa bahay o kahit pumunta yung globe sa bahay nila. Just Ignore :)