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Monday, May 21, 2012

Thoughts... May 21, 2012... Gay, Bi, Straight, or still Pretending to be Straight

Guys... this is my post to help some of our friends who are having trouble identifying themselves.

What do I mean identify?

Okay let's just give it a simpler word.  LABEL.

Oh, yes, most of us aren't really into labels.  We don't want to be labeled at all.  But the ignorance of such labels actually ends up in confusion and chaos in this gay world.

OKay... first of all, most gays don't want to call themselves gay.  Because they want to call themselves BI or bisexual.  But, wake up people.  You are no bisexuals.  You want to say you're bisexual just because you dread to be called a gay.  But, if you can't take eating pussies, licking women's nipples or just kissing them, then don't call yourself a bisexual... you are obviously and irrevocably GAY... G-A-Y!!! GAYYYYYY!!! So stop being an in-denial fag and say you are gay.

Okay, if you don't want to admit your gay, let's put it to a test.

Please answer this honestly:

1) Have you kissed a girl? (I mean a truthful and loving kiss on the lips, not because of a dare or beso-beso type of kiss, but an actual torrid kiss on the lips... and actually liked it)
2) Have you fucked a girl? (I mean cock to vagina sexual intercourse, not just letting a girl give you a handjob)
3) Have you courted a girl? (Because you sincerely and honestly love her and not because you wanted to prove to anyone that you are a macho guy with no green blood in your veins)

If you answered yes to all of these, you have a high chance of being either bisexual or straight guy.  If you answered no to most or all the questions, then you don't say you a bisexual.  You are a GAY. Okay?

If still you don't admit that your gay, then let's answer these questions HONESTLY:

1) What goes into your mind when you hear the word pussy?
A. Happy - I want to fuck that pussy
B. No Reaction - Fine with me
C. Short Smirk - NOt really came to my mind
D. Puke - Over my dead body!

2) What goes into your mind when you imagine yourself sucking a cock?
A. Puke - What the fuck???!!! Never!
B. No reaction - done that before.
C. Imagining - Friends' dick, Mario Maurer's cock, Brent Corrigan's cock, Taylor Lautner's cock, Harry Potter's cock, and so on.
D. Suck??? I wanna be fucked by that cock.

3) How do you feel about being fucked in the ass?
A. Puke - I can't handle this conversation man
B. Smirk - I'd rather fuck than be fucked
C. Smile - Already done that
D. Done it several times and I love it.

4) How do you feel about rimming a guy's ass?
A. Puke - Seriously? Why don't you just kill me?
B. Have never tried but is open for it
C. As long as it's clean or he's handsome.
D. I'd rather have mine rimmed.

5) Can you imagine yourself having sex with a guy and girl at the same time?
A. Yes, as long as I fuck them both.
B. Yes, kissing and licking and fucking... and open for other things.
C. I might consider as long as the girl is really beautiful
D. Can I just kick the girl out of the room. I'd rather be the girl between two guys.

6) How do you feel about dressing as a woman?
A. I don't care. I am macho man. I can even wear pink.
B. Never... What will people say?
C. Thought about it but never done it.
D. Done it. I love dressing up.  It's who I am.

7) Your hand accidentally touched a boob, what is your reaction?
A. Apologize but deep inside "Hell Yeah. Can I do it again?"
B. Smile.
C. Frown
D. "EWWWWW!!!!"

8) Your girl friend asks you to have sex with her as a dare.
A. Never say never.
B. Okay
C. Change Topic
D. I will slap her face and curse her.

If you answered:
Mostly A, either straight guy or trying hard discreet since what the fuck are you doing in my blog if you're a straight guy?
Mostly B, bisexual, curious or tripper
Mostly C, discreet gay, in denial gay, paminta, ipokritang bakla.
Mostly D, effem, powerbottom, transexual, transvestite

I hope at this point you have already decided which are you and while you are answering, you are being honest to yourself.  I may not be a psychologist but I have read a lot of books regarding this so I am pretty sure I already hit someone here.

Here's another dilemma here. TOP, VERSA, BOTTOM

Actually, based on my knowledge and experience, it should be TOP, VERSA-TOP, VERSA, VERSA-BOTTOM, BOTTOM.  We can see most of these in the chatrooms and in clans when we wanna hook up with fellow gay men and the problem most people have is that when they are already in the room starting to have sex, they would find out that what they expect for the person to do is not actually going to happen.

One favorite joke that I like is this:

"Two gays met and went inside a motel room.  After that they kissed and fondled each other.  Then they took all their clothes off.  Then they turned off the lights.  Both of them waited. After 10 minutes they turned the lights on again and was surprised that both of them are actually on their knees waiting to be fucked anally. Both were bottom gays."

Which is why I want to make a distinction between the 5 (not 3) sexual categories of gay men.

TOP - this for me is the most selfish type of people. They just want to lie there and let other gays suck them.  Most of the time they are like frozen dicks always wanted to be sucked.  Also, they only fuck.  They don't suck, they can never be fucked.  So guys, please bare in mind that if you suck, you are not a top.
VERSA - from the word versatile, which means in the gay world, can be fucked or fuck.  That means this is the most flexible sexual preference.  Most of the time, this depends on your partner. If your partner is top, you are the bottom.  If your partner is a bottom, you are the top.  But, if your partner is a versa as well, that is heaven, because you can switch positions whenever you feel like it.
BOTTOM - sucks and are always fucked.  Therefore, they do not fuck, cannot be sucked.  This is the most submissive position and you feel better when a cock enters your ass than your cock entering other's ass.  For me, it's quite hard, because you always have to be prepared to not shit on your partner's cock.

VERSA TOP - sucks and can be sucked, fucks but can never be fucked.  In short, he's still more on being a top. He just extends to the point that he will suck his partner but not to be fucked.
VERSA BOTTOM - sucks and can be sucked as well, but rather can only be fucked and not fuck.  In short, he's still more on being a bottom.  He just extends to the point that he can be sucked but does not want to fuck.

To summarize:

I don't mean to be blunt to you.  I just want to stop the nonsense that us gays do.  We can never find true happiness if we keep on the two gay traits that I have always told you that all gays have... being in denial and being pretentious.  You can only be happy when you accept who and what you really are.


  1. nakakatunaw naman po yung mga questions

  2. @Bryan Chua... ganun talaga... if you want to have an honest result, you should answer honestly to an honest question. Kasi kung magpapatumpik-tumpik pa tau... di natin masosolve and macoconclude ang sarili natin.

  3. after reading this po mas na-confuse po ako:/

    i admit sa lalake ako una nagkagusto but then as time passed meron talaga akong babaeng nagustuhan, niligawan at minahal ng totoo. may nangyari na rin sa amin and of course walang produkto, mahirap na kung meron.. ngunit nung sabihin ko na before ko siya nakilala ay lalake ang gusto ko, iniwan nya ako pero di naman niya kinalat ang nalaman niya. T_T

    after that marami na rin nangyari sa akin pero i know na parang nawala na yung feelings ko.. kaya i thought bcuz of experience na Bi ako..

    but after reading this, i don't know me anymore..haizt..

    but honestly, i think nakatulong rin itong post mo para siguro in the near future, i'll find my true identity :)

  4. Someone told me that its not who you fuck or suck because on the end of the day all gay, straight guys will only say "libog lang yan".

    Its who you fall in love with