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Friday, August 3, 2012

Dark Angel Series on EBOOK... Soon!!!

My SERIES will be available on ebook soon.  This is the reason I am very busy nowadays because I am making my first ebook.  It will be available for download however a little amount would be needed for this purchase.

The ebook will be separate for each series, hence I will have E-books for the following:
1) My Elementary Series
2) My Provincial Series
3) My Seminary Series
4) My Freshmen Series
5) My SJV Series
6) My Paolo Series

Each of these series will have a different price since the volume and number of pages will be different for each series.

I wish to make it free but I am trying to save money for a much more important and beneficial reason which I know all of my readers, fans and critics would enjoy as well.  Also, the sales of these series/ebooks will help me maintain my blog but I am trying to have it in my own personal domain.  Not in Blogspot.

Hope you will understand.

Anyway, if you will buy my ebooks, then I would be appreciative.  If not, then I won't be bad.

What are the differences that these ebooks will have that the posted stories in my blog have?
1) The first page will be a personalized page with my own handwritten dedication to each and every buyer.
2) It will feature some of my paintings, drawings and sketches.
3) It will have a cover page of a sketched face of some people who are part of my stories, but of course, not the whole face, as I have to keep them confidential as well.
4) It will also have the sketch of some places that are featured in the story.
5) It will also feature some of the quotes, snide remarks, and bitchy ideas that are to be remembered and quoted for.

For me, this is a first step because I am aiming for a published work.  I won't be able to achieve that with the mere resources that I have right now and of course I would be needing to seek assistance from some people.

Hope you will be as excited as I am. If not, then no pressure.

Thank you all for supporting.


  1. @Nathan... I know you'll say that

    1. available na ba gel? ang number mo ba ganon pa din sa pinopost mo dito? salamat. halong.

  2. super exciting idea yun ah.. =)

  3. grabe talaga, yang si Paolo, how could you guys still keep on idolizing him after what he said na he'll make sure that Angelo wont be accepted by ma Tony again, how could he, it means he doesnt really love you, upon reading the last chapter I remembered your Provincial series, ganun din ung nangyari, ung lalaki dun after seeing you with Jan ay nagwala at inexpose ka, meaning ganun din ba ang gagawin ni Paolo, if so then he should die before he says so, dapat din mawala ung nasa Provincial series mu, and dont be hard on yourself, dapat sila na sumaktan sayo ang hindi nalang ipinanganak hindi ikaw. haiii... grabe uminit talaga ulo ko hehe----- Ulysses again

  4. si Ivan pala ung tinutukoy ko na kapareho lang ni Paolo if ever na totohanin niay ung sainabi niyang sisiraan ka niya kay mama Tony... grabe kinal kal ko pa pangalan niya sa provincial series.. hehe.. inis eh---- Ulysses

  5. Kelangan ko nmn depensahan si Kuya Paolo hehe..

    Ulysses nasabi lang siguro yun ni kuya Paolo kasi alam nyang wala sya magagawa, selos eh. he just want Gelo to be safe me sakit nga si Jan db at ayaw nya masakatan ang pinakamamahal nya ayaw, nya mahawa. Dala lang marahil yun ng bugso ng damdamin and he does'nt mean anything na masasaktan mahal nya. yun eh sa palagay ko lang nmn hehe.