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Friday, March 9, 2012


Happy Anniversary to my Blog!!!!

It has been 1 year since I first started this blog. If I can remember it perfectly, I started posting March 9, 2011. So now, I am celebrating my blog's First Year Anniversary.

Happy Anniversary Dark Angel Thoughts!!!

I will tell you how this all started.

I admit I am a big fan of Gay Stories and Gay Movies. I watch Pink films and M2M Porn and Semi-Porn movies most of the time. However, what I really like is reading Gay Stories, whether with sex or without. I just feel that some gays just want to share their experiences, their ambitious sexual desires, their desperation, their heartaches, their successes, their love and lust, etc. I can sincerely relate to them because of course I am one of them.

However, as I read most of the posts, I can really see that most of the stories are fictitious because whether all of you will agree or not, most gay stories don't really have a happy ending, like most of these stories say.

As a member of third sex, who have had a lot of experiences, sexual, emotional and social, I can say that most of the time, we feel pain, sorrow, sadness, anger, fear, and despair. Unlike these stories who always have a happy ending where a Prince Charming finds his Prince Charming.

Not that I wanted to be a party-pooper and want all to feel bad about being gay, but because I wanted to show what real emotions and feelings, I felt as a gay myself.

We all know that gays of several ages even those who are only 10 years old are already reading gay stories in blogs, and as an older, but not necessarily wiser, person, I want them to know some instances that they might experience in the future. I want them to be more prepared and be more intelligent when facing the path they take.

Being a gay is not about sex, love, or friendship. It's also about being happy while accepting the reality.

When I was in colleged, my term paper in my communication 3 class was about Homosexuality.

I know it was a big of a topic so I focused on the cause of homosexuality, either by Nature or by Nurture. I have to dig into the biological, psychological, historical, archaeological, and sociological aspects of homosexuality to prove whether being a gay is by nature (biological, genetic) or nurture (sociological, psychological, etc.). It has been proven that having an anatomical examination with several gay and straight people, it has been found that there is a difference in gay's brains compared to straight people's brains. Source: I already forgot, but would search again in the future.

Therefore, it has been found that gays are really different than straight people, even anatomically. On which aspect, I don't know.

In the end I wasn't able to finish this topic due to the vastness of its coverage but I learned quite a lot.

I also conducted surveys on 50% of my schoolmates on what attributes gay people have. Believe it or not, my survey showed that most people, gay or straight, think that gays have 2 same personalities, one being ENVIOUS and the other being PRETENTIOUS. Others like being Loud, Creative, Flirtatious, Artistic, and Friendly coming way at the end.

As a gay, I was not happy with what I found out, but this is based on my own actual survey, so I cannot dispute this but interpret the data.

This, with the help of more than 100 gay people I know made me realize that this was somewhat, if not totally, true.

Most gays are ENVIOUS with other gays especially when one of their friends either has a cute boyfriend, or a happy relationship, because we know, these things are very hard to find. We are also somewhat envious with women because they can have a happy marriage with guys, and also give birth, and don't need to pay guys to have sex with them (unlike some of us). We are also envious with straight men who doesn't have to keep their sexuality and just confidently go on with their lives without people thinking or shouting 'gay' whenever they pass by.

Most gays are also PRETENTIOUS, in Denial, or whatever similar to this, because:
1) Most gays hate to admit that they don't have (or never had) a boyfriend, so sometimes they either think of an imaginary boyfriend, make stories about the guy they like thinking they like us back, or even pay for guys to go out or have sex with us.
2) MOst gays who are paying for sex, would not admit this because their friends would think bad of them when sometimes all of them do it. Most gays would say that they got sex because of "ganda lang" even if they know noone will believe them.
3) Most gays who are supporting their boyfriend (including his family), would not admit the fact that their boyfriend loves them because they are helping him and that sooner or later, if he cannot provide anymore, he will be left out. We are hoping that by doing this acts, these guys will learn to love them. Although this happens rarely, but not always.
4) Most gays pretend to be rich so that guys would choose them, or would just pretend to be rich to feel superior over their other friends.
5) Most gays pretend that they are not into their friend's cute bf, when most gays say that their friends steal their boyfriends, and would deny that they stole their friend's boyfriend.

I'm sorry if some would not agree with these, but this is what I noticed with myself and my other friends or classmates. I speak for our experiences, so if you are not like the above people, I'm happy for you and congratulations.

I just want to say, I started this blog to give a contradiction to the fiction that we usually read where we all hope we will have a happy ending when most of us are constantly searching and hoping to have fulfilment.

We may feel a lot of lust, sex and love in your life but pain and sadness will also be not out of the picture. Just don't give everything and leaving nothing to youtself, love but don't ovelove. Leave some love for yourself.

In the meantime, for all of you, I cannot give anything as a gift to all of my Followers, but this picture of my ugly body... Hahaha.


  1. drawing mo ba yung nasa taas..? ang ganda at ang galing.
    happy anniversary sa blogsite mo.. at happy 100th follower n rin.. =)

  2. happy anniversary to your blog :) maxado nang matagal simula nung nabasa ko ung mga stories mo at medyo nawala ako sa daloy. Anyway i really like your stories sana marami pang makabasa nito at marami kapang mainspire na tulad natin .. Damihan u pa po ung pag post kuya angel galing mong mambitin eh lol ! :D

  3. Thanks Joo and Mike for those wonderful words. Mike thanks sa magagandang text messages. You inspire me.

  4. Happy Anniversary! :D I've been a fan of this blog for a long time now. :)

  5. Happy Anniversary Gel and to your Blog! hahaha. may you have followers to come and more stories to share! :))) Cheers to your blog! XD

  6. hahaha...when can we see your faceshot gel? hehehe happy anniversary..:) and more power and follower to your bog..

  7. Happy Anniversary sa blog mo kuya gel! :)
    salamat nga pala sa pagbati mo sa'kin sa last post mo.. haha, CUTE tlaga eh no?

    and btw, ganda ng katawan mo.. sana nxt time mukha mo nman.. hehe

  8. tnx for sharing your thoughts and experiences. i know it will help a lot to your readers. keep up the good work and continue what you love most sharing it. happy anniversary as well. goodluck and more power frend! . . npaka humble mo aman, sexy body nga kaw eh. hope next tym eh ung face mo aman. he he he

  9. kuya ang ganda nito nakakataas nang moral para saamin lahat sana magtuloy tuloy ang pagpopost mo dito.. good luck kuya..

  10. Happy anniversary! Am your silent avid reader, loving your post and story. More,more and more!