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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Thoughts (February 5, 2012... Reflection)

Yup... the pictures above are pictures of the look-alike of my next prospect... hmmm... whatever will happen with us, only I would know... Hahahaha...

Anyway, My SJV Series is soon ending so I should be able to write as soon as possible. ANyway, I do apologize if I was not able to write the update for My SJV Series because I was very sick, only recovering now. I have to be absent from work for several days as well and had to ask my boyfriend's brother to pick me up because I can't go home alone, I might collapse soon. He was so nice to pick me up and brought food for me. Talk about sweet.

My boyfriend and I are going to watch Journey 2 and Chronicles later. Hope we make a good choice because we are deciding between Journey 2, Chronicles, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and The Man on the Ledge.

Anyway, I just posted quick to say sorry that I havent posted for so long. Anyway, when I post my SJV series update, you will understand why I postponed it too much.

Hahahahha (GRIN!!!)

Siyempre, lakas ko daw mambitin sabi nga ng iba.

Hahahahhaha uli.

I love you guys.


  1. Wag yung chronicles. Panget. Promise. Baka hindi niyo type. Walang story eh. Parang paranormal ang get-up.

    Anyway, Imma silent but an avid reader here and first tym kong magcomment. Haha.

    Get Well. kuya gel.

  2. whoahhh, kaya dapat yngat lage. rest well.

  3. Thanks kean, my boyfriend and I watched Journey 2 in 3D,,,, super-super like.

  4. hello kua gel.. am back na ulit.. hihi.. but really sad to say... you're not feeling well... get well soon poh kua gel... we've been missing you na poh.. and the updates.. haha.. jk... deh.. of course.. first and for most.. ikaw talaga..! kya get well soon kua gel..! ingat poh plagi..!

    (P.S. sabihin ko lang kua.. di po ako yung Kristoffe ahh.. nose bleed nman ako sa todo makaenglish.. medyo na t-off lang ako dun sa comment nya poh.. prang "slightly" kaparehas nang comment ko yung comment nya.. mas maganda lang yung pagkakasulat nya.. hehe.. wala lang.. I feel not nice about it.. Anyways.. hi Kristoffe)