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Friday, February 24, 2012

I may be a Slut (Fiction Story #2)

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I dedicate this post to my boyfriend who is at this time I was posting, is in their recognition day and received recognition for being a College Scholar for 4 semesters in a row already. Congratulations baby! I know you are intelligent.  Glad your efforts pay off. Keep up the good practice.  Note, there is no way however, that he has relevance to my post.

This is my fiction story.  I just decided to post something out of nowhere that just popped into my head and in English. Hopefully, this doesn't sound strange for you that have been reading my blog in Tagalog.

This is just something I made up.  Tell me what you think.

I just want to write about someone different.

It was 2006 and I was in my teenage years.  I have been blessed with a cute face, dazzling eyes, a smooth and fair skin, and have maintained my active lifestyle so I have a well-sculpted body, the verge of being hunky and sexy.

My friends, gays and bi's usually want me to be with them and for some reason that I have then found out, most of them are interested in me, sexually or platonically.  Most of the gays I know, wanted us to be friends in the hopes of either having me as a boyfriend or just hook up with me.

I know that I am a good-looking guy, that is why I always keep my standards high, no chubs, no effems, no flambouyant gays, etc. and always aim for people better-looking than me.

My Friendster then was very active then.  Dozens of adds a day and most of them are gays and bi's simply because I don't pretend that I like women, so insidiously I put there that I like men.

Gays from different places, faces, or nationalities would add me and 90 percent of them are for hook ups.

One thing I don't do is ask a person out or approach a person, I always want that person to approach or ask me first.

Most of the time, my friends asked me to go with them to Biology in Malate, Palawan in Cubao or anywhere where there will be a lot of people.  I like myself to be a center of attraction but not attention.  I don't speak much, I just want to be mysterious at the same time desirable.

One time I walked to CCP.  I know that there are a lot of members of my sex are there and I really want the feeling of people staring at me and desiring to approach and get me.  I pretend that I am not into hookups, but if better-looking guy approaches me, I still keep distant but later on agreed.

There are like dozens of gays and bi's who approached me and wanted to hook up with me but my standard still stands. I stick to these standards and keep them high.  Around 12midnight, I would notice that a lot of these guys who were sitting there started disappearing and I can see leading to the Palm trees in the place they call "Manukan" which was previously enhanced for the Miss Universe pageant when it was held here in the Philippines. Now, this place which was full of beauty before is now used as haven for gays to have sex.

Interested, I went there without a partner and checked each of its corners.  Left and right, I can hear moans of passion and whispers of love-makings here and there.  They were literally everywhere.  Neither the leaves of the trees or the shadows of these can hide their sexual practices, oral or anal, you can find them there.

As I check on every tree, some guys would pull me to have sex with them, but after checking their faces, I would then retire from them.

It was so fun looking at them from afar or near, shadows, silhouettes, blurred or clearly, I don't mind, I enjoyed looking at them.

Once I found two gorgeous and hunky guys passionately kissing and hugging each other, massaging every crevice of their bodies, squeezing each other's meaty muscles. I immediately approached them and watched them 2 meters away.

The guy who was leaning to the coconut tree noticed me and smiled.  I just signed "Go on." which he did. They did.  Then after several minutes he whispered to his mate and the latter looked at me and told me to come nearer.

Smiling, I then walked to them and they groped me fast and raised my shirt.  I was sandwiched by two hot guys and both of them are steamingly aroused.  One was kissing my rear and one in front.  They licked, kissed and nibbled my skin like I was their food. I didn't do anything but hold their bodies and touch them.

The one in front knelt in front of my thighs and without a word, opened the button of my pants and zipped it open.  He then pulled my underwear and out popped my not so aroused dick.

Without asking, he quickly scooped it in his hand and kissed it.  Kissed it several times.  I can feel his breath on my cock.  He then opened his mouth and spontaneously sucked my dick in.  His vacuuming orifice was so strong that my dick slipped fast inside. I can feel him mummed with my dick inside his mouth and his wet and hot mouth received it without problem.

After that, he sucked and sucked my dick as if it was the best thing he ever had and would not be able to have twice.

The guy beside me kissed and licked my rear.  His wet tongue trailing down my spine and found my ass.  He nibbled on its cheeks and bit it sometimes.  He spread my ass and licked my hole.  With his tongue hard, he licked up and down.  When his saliva has spread across my hole he then stood up.

"Can I fuck you?" he asked eagerly.

I said no.

The guy in front of me stood up and bent over. The guy behind me went in front of him and knelt as well. He sucked his partner while I asked the guy bending over to wet his asshole.  Hence, he did.

After that, my wet cock positioned itself between the asscheeks and mustered its way into his asshole.  Without a word, I entered him without considering the size of my cock which by the way is near seven and is fat.

"Ahhhh!" almost shouted the guys I was fucking. "Slowly please"

"I will stop if you want." I offered.

"No, just fuck me." he negated.

I smiled and fucked him hard.  Good thing the guy in front was sucking him really well, so my remorseless fucking went on.  I was fucking his not-so-tight ass like riding a bull.

After several minutes, I exploded inside of him and after the last drop of manjuice went out of my dick, I took my tissue and wiped my dick clean.  Good thing he was prepared to be fuck.

I, without second thought, left the place and walked fast, without giving them a chance to ask my name or get my number.  That's what I want anyway, I am a slut, I don't hook up with someone I know and don't care to know who I fuck. Anyway, it's just sex.

(To be continued)



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