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Friday, January 27, 2012

Thoughts (January 28, 2012) Something to Drool For

It's already January 28, 2012.  3 days before the end of the month of January.  5 days after the Chinese New Year.

One of my followers JR21... asked if until what chapter is the SJV Series? Well... the answer is... 30.  After that I will be introducing a new Chapter as always.  If I am going to relocate again or not, I won't tell.  Basta, it's a new chapter of my life.  Sometimes the Chapters move at a fast pace sometimes in a glacial pace.

I want to thank some of you who helped me with the copyright issues against the Facebook group: Kuwentong Pampalibog who blatantly and literally re-posted my stories as theirs.  Much more, they even state there that it is their own story.

For me that was great insult, making my autobiographical novel as a their fiction is wrong on all angles.

So, if anyone see something like this, please inform me asap.

I also watched Star Cinema's "Won't Last a Day Without You" starring Gerald Anderson and Sarah Geronimo.  I will say, they are kinda cute together and the story was so light and predictable but not corny or uber-dramatic.  It was fun and cool. I suggest you watch it.

What I drooled about on this movie is Gerald Anderson's cameo shot of his abs.
***A screenshot of his yummy abs.*** (Copied from the movie)

If you want Sarah and Gerald's kilig moments, I cropped this as well:

Also, I viewed this Youtube Video of Bobby Antonov of Australia's Got Talent. He's cute by the way.

P.S. Guys, I can't access my previous phone number so make sure to update my number on your cellphones: 094167719273

Thank you


  1. just read your thoughts post kua gel.. I just hope that na the end of this series would be an happy ending.. as well the new series... I think it is time for you to have an never ending happiness.. well i am not saying that your not.. but I hope these one do.. well since then this not a fiction novel... we can't perfected every angle of the story.. which what makes this one unique and desirable.. kua gel.. i admire.. how you put your words with emotions.. kung kilig.. kilig to the max talaga.. tas pag in love.. to the highest level din.. tas pag lam mo nah.. todo bigay talaga.. tapos pag sa kalumbayan..talagang dama namin at nakakarelate talaga kami.. sana talaga youll never get tired to amazed us.. ur followers..! really wanted to know you more.. maybe to share my experiences.. ideas.. and more stuff.. of course if you forbid.. pero lam ko poh.. deh pede.. pero I hope someday.. when time permits.. haha.. anyways it was nice knowing you kua.. of course thru this blog.. ingat poh plagi..!

  2. ahihi..! sorry poh kung mahaba yung dun sa taas..

  3. oo nga e... pansin ko din... yan din sana sasabihin ko e... Pero I like your comment, at least you poured all your thoughts and heart on it.

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  5. I like the way you write Gel. Those you have here are absolutely satisfactory as they are. I just want to say that life isn't a piece of sweet candy. You show it in your stories. I just hope you don't get tired of writing for us who are so so excited for your every post. The twists and turns though dim or dark mostly fits your individuality as a writer. You are a gift to us members of the third sex. I just want to say that I'm a good reader--I have an MA in Literary criticism from a known state university; and that my taste for publish works is exacting and discriminating even. The approach may be a bit thematic, I still must say that you give me a taste of things i have never experienced, for i am yet scared to embrace my true self. More power Gel.