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Friday, January 20, 2012

Thoughts Jan.21,2012 (Angelo Impostor on Facebook)

Guys... This is my first thoughts this 2012 and sadly this may be my last post.


An impostor and copycat who posts my stories on Facebook

His name on Facebook is Kuwentong Pampalibog


Guys... I request and ask you to please report this impostor to any official on Facebook or anything. I dont mind sharing my stories but for someone to use it as their own and even changed the title .... is truly insulting.

I am really angry and sad at the same time because any person who posts my stories as their own story is a theft of my identity and history. However, posting my stories as fiction is insulting, insulting and very insulting.

Whoever owns this blog... I ask you... gay to gay... have some respect. please. If you want to post your stories.... thn write your own stories. Don't steal. Don't even change it. It's so fucking wrong dude.

I am really pissed right now. Thank you Alex for bringing this up and calling my attention. Thank you also to Jan Mike who commented on this impostor's page and placed my blogspot web address there so peope would know that this facebook user is stealing from my blog.

In fact... I would certainly request you my beloved followers to do the same. You don't want anyone pretending to be Angelo, don't you? I can only rest my hopes on you guys and I hope you will help me on this cause. Please... call the attention of this thief.

I really can't post now because I am afraid that this would still end up in that person's page. Please help me on this. I won't be able to post again unless I am sure that that person stops.

Thank you.


  1. I hear you kua gel... I'll do what i can do.. promise..!

  2. Tama nga ehh, dapat wla siyang right na post niya ang hindi sa kanya.

  3. Kuya, maglagay copyright sa blog mo kagaya nung kay michaelshadesofblue or bioutloud na hindi puwede i copy+paste ng kahit kanino. Kaya magagawan mo ng paraan yan.