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Monday, October 22, 2012

Thoughts... October 22, 2012... Sorry

Guys... Sorry if I was not able to update recently.

I have been really busy because I was promoted again from one managerial position to another higher and more challenging managerial position.  I am really really sorry guys that I cannot update these past few weeks.

I have been continuing my tasks as Admin. Manager in the morning from 9AM-6PM and then go for training as Operations Manager from 10PM-4AM.  I barely had any sleep.  I also stayed in the office condo so that I don't have to go home everyday.  I barely even see my boyfriend.  Good thing, he visits me every now and then and then we go and watch a movie every weekends.  I also promised him that I will never do anything on Sundays aside from being with him.  Whatever we were doing at least we are doing it together.

But, these changes has taken a toll on me.  I have also been feeling pain in my head everyday and I have to drink pure Ibuprofen just to get rid of the pain... for a while.

So, there you go.  I hope you'd understand why I have been away for quite a while.

Wish me luck!


  1. wooww na promote na idol.,.,congrats,.,.

  2. ok lang.. wag masyado sa ibuprofen.. nakaka adik yan heheh.
    busy din ako, ngayon ko lang ulit na check blog mo..

    sana this december break meron na update.. masarap mag basa pag bakasyon. :)